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Wireless Price List 2006

CameraIreland brings you a collection of wireless solutions which are designed to ease the connectivity of your CCTV system and for farm stock management.

Wireless can be the ideal solution when it is impractical or cheaper not to run cables. It has the added advantage of making cameras mobile – they can be repositioned instantly. Our wireless products all work at high frequency and can be operated without a license.

Wireless does have some limitations though and these include range. Transmitters are affected more by density than distance. Simply - the more walls they have to transmit through the shorter the range. Another factor to bear in mind is that the band allocated for wireless transmission is very narrow and while there are 4 distinct channels operating more than 3 units in close proximity can cause interference between cameras.


CIwKit ce WirelessKit €460

WirelessKit is a fantastic solution to your wireless needs. It has thousands of applications a few of which include as a baby monitor, as a short term observation camera and as a live stock camera.

WirelessKit includes a high resolution camera connected to a 4 channel transmitter with sound and an internal rechargeable battery which lasts up to 2 hours.

The camera and transmitter can be placed in any sheltered environment and can be powered externally by the provided power supply/charger. The Receiver unit comes with a built in 2.5”TFT screen and speaker and can be connected to other equipment like a recorder.


Up to 400m range. Kit includes chargers / power units and connection cables all in a presentation box.

CIw10501 StockCam €540

StockCam is a high power camera transmitter which can transmit live pictures up to 1000 meters. The high quality camera is fitted with a variable lens allowing the operator to set it up for close up or wide angle pictures. StockCam only requires a power source to start transmitting from any location. StockCam works in conjunction with ReciverCam sold separately.

CIw07507 RemoteCam €420

RemoteCam is an ideal wireless camera where size and picture quality are important. This compact unit packs a mighty punch when providing wireless pictures from up to 700 meters away to your RecieverCam unit sold separately.

CIw101 Transmitter10 €230

Transmitter10 is a transmitter with up to 1000m range it can be connected a camera or other video source and it also can transmit sound. It requires a 12volt power supply which is included. Transmitter10 works in conjunction with ReciverCam sold separately.

CIw071 Transmitter7 €135

Transmitter7 is a transmitter with up to 700m range. It can be connected a camera or other video source and it can also transmit sound. It requires a 12volt power supply which is included. Transmitter7 works in conjunction with ReciverCam sold separately.

CIw012 ceTransmitter1 €175

Transmitter1 is a transmitter with up to 200m range. It can be connected a camera or other video source and it can also transmit sound. It requires a 12volt power supply which is included. It can work in conjunction with TransmitterKit as an additional channel. Transmitter1 also works in conjunction with ReciverCam sold separately.

CIwR1/R2 ReceiverCam €60

RecieverCam acts as a receiver for Wireless cameras. It can connect to a video and audio monitor or via Scart plug to a TV. RecieverCam is supplied with a 12 volt power supply and can also act as a second receiver for WirelessKit.

Please note: All our wireless solutions work in the 2.4GHz band and this is the same band that is used by cordless phones and wireless internet. You may find that if you are operating one of our systems nearby to where there is other equipment that there may be some interference. We do not recommend that you operate our wireless solutions in built-up areas.

--- was set up to provide affordable CCTV to customers either priced out or ignored by our competitors. We believe that by keeping prices as low as possible, without compromising quality and service, we will grow to be the largest supplier of security cameras in Ireland. can offer such great prices because:

  • We source our products primarily directly from the Far East.
  • We let you install yourself.
  • We don’t offer Credit.

We offer many cctv solutions to suit all pockets! From a single budget camera to a fully integrated security system Camera Ireland can provide a solution and at very competitive price.

We do not compromise on quality for the sake of price - the savings we pass on to you are made by avoiding the middle man wherever possible.

talk to us about your security needs - we can save you money.

If you have not seen it please ask us – 086 4062659 –

CameraIreland was set up by Kilian Clissmann in 2005. He worked previously for over 15 years in the television industry and brings with him a vast technical knowledge. As well as making CCTV accessible and affordable he aims to take out some of the mystique and gobbledygook that has crept into what is a fundamentally basic technology.

We thank you for your interest in our products CameraIreland Team 2006.

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