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Indoor Camera Price List 2006

Indoor Cameras come in three distinct types, Dome, Box and Bullet cameras.

Dome cameras as the name suggest, come fitted inside a plastic dome which is generally opaque so that it is not clear to the observer where exactly it is pointing. Domes are mounted directly on ceilings and no bracket is required.

Box cameras, the second type, are aluminum boxes containing the camera with an external lens which can be changed. Box cameras are traditionally fitted in locations where the presence of a camera should be advertised. Both Dome and Box camera types offer remote control models.

Bullet cameras, the third type, are designed to be discreet. They are small in size and offer many of the features of larger cameras. They are made smaller by miniaturizing the internal electronics.


CID01b NiteDome €99

NiteDome is recommended for all indoor applications where a discreet camera is required. With Infrared illumination it can see in darkened rooms and provide a high quality picture (up to 15 meters). Easy to set up, this camera is fantastic value at the price. NightDome is available with a wide angle 3.6mm lens – other lens sizes can be fitted to order at €10 extra.

CID02sh miniDome €189

miniDome offers very high resolutions pictures in a very small package. At just 8cm x 12cm it recommended for all applications where small discreet camera is required without sacrificing picture quality. miniDome is available with a wide angle 3.6mm lens – other lens sizes can be fitted to order at €10 extra.

CIDummy Dummy Dome €49

DummyDome is identical to miniDome but without camera module. This dummy camera looks like the real thing but at a fraction of the cost. DummyDome is convincing dummy camera which can create the impression of wider camera coverage.

CIDptz RemoteDome €510

RemoteDome is the perfect camera for CCTV installations where a roving camera is required. Its incredibly keen price, masks the many features such as remote panning, tilting and a digital zoom. Fitted with a SuperHAD pickup it delivers excellent picture quality in all lighting situations. RemoteCam can be controlled directly by most Digital Video Recorders or by a remote control unit sold separately.


CIin01 ShopCam €150

ShopCam is a box camera fitted with an external lens. It is recommended for CCTV installations where a visible camera is desired. It delivers fantastic results for a camera in its price class.

CIin02 ShopCamHi €460

ShopCamHi delivers very high quality images and is suitable for applications where a visible camera is desired. It can be fitted with avariety of lenses making it a flexible solution for any installation.

CIin22z ZoomBox €510

ZoomBox is a superlative camera with a most sophisticated integrated zoom lens. The 22 x zoom lens with auto focus allows you to home in on the detail and zoom out to get an overview. The zoom function can be remote controlled by most Digital Video Recorders or by a remote control unit sold separately.


CIB03b BulletCamMini €159

BulletCamMini offers fantastic value for a discreet camera. It is recommended for use in situations where CCTV systems should be unobtrusive. It can be fitted with a sun hood outdoors as shown or without one indoors. BulletCamMini is available with a mid wide angle 6mm lens – other lens sizes can be fitted to order at €10 extra.

CIB02s BulletCamIR €189

BulletCamIR is a small compact camera fitted with 8 infrared illuminators. These can light objects up to 10 meters distant. It is suitable for discreet observation as part of a CCTV system. BulletCam is available with a mid wide angle 6mm lens – other lens sizes can be fitted to order at €10 extra.

CIB01shVF BulletCamVari €329

BulletCamVari is a very small compact camera with variable focus lens that is useful when flexibility is called for in a super small package. Focus can be adjusted in seconds. Measuring just 3cm x 10cm this camera can be fitted in any location discreetly.



Camera Lens Size

Most cameras come fitted with a fixed lens. The lens size is given in millimeters and refers to the focal length. Generally the sizes range from 3.6mm (wide angle) to 16mm (close up). A wide angle 3.6mm lens will give a good overview of a location without fine detail. A close up lens will give fine detail of a small area but the camera needs to pointed at exactly where the action is. As an example a 3.6mm lens might be fitted to a camera to cover an entrance and driveway. This camera will allow you to see a car arrive but will not allow you to read the number plate. A 16mm lens fitted to a camera at the same location would catch the number plate but will not give the same overview. Lenses are available in 3.6, 6 ,8 ,12 and 16mm.

--- was set up to provide affordable CCTV to customers either priced out or ignored by our competitors. We believe that by keeping prices as low as possible, without compromising quality and service, we will grow to be the largest supplier of security cameras in Ireland. can offer such great prices because:

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CameraIreland was set up by Kilian Clissmann in 2005. He worked previously for over 15 years in the television industry and brings with him a vast technical knowledge. As well as making CCTV accessible and affordable he aims to take out some of the mystique and gobbledygook that has crept into what is a fundamentally basic technology.

We thank you for your interest in our products CameraIreland Team 2006.

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