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Closed Circuit TV at a very affordable price
Our prices are so low because:

we import our equipment directly

• we charge a fair install price

• we don’t offer credit

All this reduces our costs and we pass those savings on to you.

Special Offer
Currently we are offering : FarmSafe Package consisting of
• 4 Cameras and
• Digital Video Recorder with 160GB •All cables, power supplies and mounts. •Video Monitor All for the amazing low price of €2195.

See this and further offers click here.

Call Us
Ask us to demonstrate our display system to you
in your own home free of charge and without obligation.

Should you decide that you want
to go ahead with our offer, we can in most cases, install and set up a
system in one day.

We offer full training on how to get the most from
your new CCTV System and we are there to answer you questions. more... brings you Farm
Safe a complete package comprising of all the components you require to set up a 4 camera security system as depicted below.

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Home Safe comprises of the following components:

1 digital video recorder DVR which records pictures from 4 cameras on a 160GB hard disk. The DVR can be set up to record by motion or to record continuously. All 4 pictures can be zoomed to display full screen without any quality loss.

3 High Quality CCD colour cameras that have integrated infrared illuminators so that they can see in the dark. They switch automatically from day to night mode and can be provided with lenses allowing close-up pictures of car registrations etc.

1 High quality CCD colour camera with integrated infrared illuminators. It can switch automatically from day to night mode and can be provided with lenses allowing close-up pictures of car registrations etc. This camera comes with a long distance encoder and decoder allowing the camera to be positined up to 300 meters from the DVR (ideal for farm yards).

4 Power supplies that convert mains current to 12volts DC to power cameras.

4 Camera mounting brackets. These brackets allow the cameras to be affixed to walls etc.

4 Weatherproof junction boxes to protect connecting between camera and power supply and video cable.

4 video cables. 3 up to 50 meters each with BNC video connectors attached at each end. (Bespoke cable length can be arranged at time of ordering). 1 cable up to 300 meters in length with encoder and decoder attached for long distance transmission.

100 cable clips for clipping video cables.

1 video monitor with integrated VHS recorder.

1 set of installation instructions

FarmSafe Kit

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How it Works
Our systems comprise of high resolution colour cameras which work as infrared cameras at night –
they can see in the dark!.

These weatherproof cameras are connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) which records up to 4 pictures simultaneously - adding the date, time and camera location to the picture.

Pictures viewed live allow you, for example, to see who is at the door before you answer it.

Recording can be made either continuously or set off by motion sensor .

A CCTV system working for you
Keeping a record of unwanted callers with clear recordings of number plates, vehicle details and movement on your property. This happens automatically whether you are there, away or asleep and all recordings can be reviewed at the touch of a button!

It has unfortunately become necessary in recent times to be wary of callers and keeping a video record acts, both as a deterrent and evidence should the worst happen

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