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Digital Video Recorder Price List 


A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the heart of any CCTV system. All cameras are connected to this box that looks very much like a video recorder. A DVR can record up to 4 pictures simultaneously - adding the date and time to the picture.

A DVR is connected to a video monitor or TV and all 4 camera pictures can be viewed on the same screen which has been divided into 4 sections. At a press of a button any camera can be zoomed to view full screen and back.

A DVR records all pictures for up to 4 weeks before they are recorded over. These recordings could include vehicle details and movement on your property. This happens automatically whether you are there, away or asleep and all recordings can be reviewed at the touch of a button!

It has unfortunately become necessary in recent times to be wary of some callers and the keeping a video record acts, both as a deterrent and evidence should the worst happen. DVRs can be programmed to record continuously or set to record by motion detection extending the recording time considerably.

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DVR 200 HomeBox €995

HomeBox is the cornerstone of CameraIrelands Safe systems. It is a full function DVR which can record up to 4 camera pictures simultaneously. These camera pictures can also be viewed live on a video monitor or TV and any camera can be zoomed to full screen at the touch of a button. HomeBox allows you set recording to continuous, motion detect or timer. Motion detect mode waits for movement in the picture before recording is triggered.

DVRMD160 MotionBox €1,250

MotionBox is a full function DVR with a sophisticated motion detection feature. It offers all the functionality of HomeBox with the addition of a zoned motion detection mask. This mask divides the picture into 200 blocks and you can decide how many blocks have to have movement in them to trigger a recording. This sophisticated system has the advantage of extending the recording time and storing only pictures when some event occurred.

DVRUN200 NetBox €1,500

NetBox offers all the functionality of Homebox with the additional feature of internet monitoring. If Netbox is connected to a broadband router the 4 recorded pictures can be viewed over the internet. It is as easy putting in a web address to be able to see what the cameras are recording. NetBox can also file copy via USB which allows you to view and copy recordings from NetBox to your PC via the included USB cable. (Please note the cost of Netbox includes an on-site configuration fee.)

--- was set up to provide affordable CCTV to customers either priced out or ignored by our competitors. We believe that by keeping prices as low as possible, without compromising quality and service, we will grow to be the largest supplier of security cameras in Ireland. can offer such great prices because:

  • We source our products primarily directly from the Far East.
  • We let you install yourself.

ted to a camera to cover an entrance and driveway. This camera will allow you to see a car arrive but will not allow you to read the number plate. A 16mm lens fitted to a camera at the same location would catch the number plate but will not give the same overview. Lenses are available in 3.6, 6 ,8 ,12 and 16mm.

  • We don’t offer Credit.

We offer many cctv solutions to suit all pockets! From a single budget camera to a fully integrated security system Camera Ireland can provide a solution and at very competitive price.

We do not compromise on quality for the sake of price - the savings we pass on to you are made by avoiding the middle man wherever possible.

talk to us about your security needs - we can save you money.

If you have not seen it please ask us – 086 4062659 –

CameraIreland was set up by Kilian Clissmann in 2005. He worked previously for over 15 years in the television industry and brings with him a vast technical knowledge. As well as making CCTV accessible and affordable he aims to take out some of the mystique and gobbledygook that has crept into what is a fundamentally basic technology.

We thank you for your interest in our products CameraIreland Team 2006.

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